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Our experience with Schmidt Builders has been amazing. First we found a house we loved, and then started researching the builder. We found that Schmidt Builders had a stellar reputation, and was well respected in the area.
The home we purchased is gorgeous! It is built very well, and is designed with a modern, homey motif. Everyone we have dealt with at Schmidt has been very helpful and courteous. We were given a very detailed walk-through of our new home with a very knowledgeable representative.
We are excited to have found this builder and our home here. We feel very comfortable recommending Schmidt Builders to all of our friends and family! Thanks!

-- Thomas and Glenda, Liberty Twp., OH

The transition period is going well. We get our mail, and trash is picked up! So pleased with our home! David Schmidt is a comforting sight. He has been a great help to us with our questions. This was a wise decision on our part to relocate here.

-- Judy and James, Hamilton, OH

We are over-the-moon happy with our new Schmidt Home! Quality is one word that expresses how we feel about the people and products involved in our building process. Our new home meets our needs, and checks off our wants in every area. We have been here three weeks, and already our children, grandchildren, and friends are enjoying the open concept floor plan that ensures we can interact throughout the visit. From breaking ground to moving in, Schmidt delivered yet another beautiful home.
And no need to mention our closing was on schedule because Schmidt has yet to miss a promised closing day.
Thanks so much!!!

-- Dick and Lynn, Fairfield Township, OH

Schmidt Builders was friendly and easy to work with. They have put our minds at ease knowing the high quality and care they put into their work. They have exceeded our expectations throughout the home-buying process.

-- Jay, Fairfield Twp., OH

My wife and I relocated from Wisconsin, and only had a short period to house-hunt in person. In that time, we fell in love with a Schmidt Builders home that was still being built. It was a scary process buying a home that was not complete, but when we finally saw it complete in person we fell in love with it all over. Everything turned out great, and made for a very easy transition to a new state!

-- Jake and Blair, Monroe, OH

We were looking for a new home, and had not really considered a new build. However, we fell in love with the unique look of a Schmidt market home, and were impressed by the quality and style of the interior as well as the beautiful lot. From the time we made an offer, we were treated like family -- even getting a signed letter of thanks and congratulations within days of our offer being accepted. All of our questions were promptly answered, and we were given a thorough and informative new home orientation. We are so happy with the beautiful finishes and high quality workmanship. We are grateful to get all of this from a local, family-owned company. We would definitely recommend Schmidt to family and friends!

-- Mike and Jennifer Reed, Amelia, OH

My wife and I decided to build a new home late in 2017. We liked the Ross area of Butler County where there are many different builders available including Schmidt Builders. We visited many of the building sites that Schmidt had under different stages of construction, and liked what we saw. After much consideration, we decided to go with Schmidt Builders.

We met Alan and Tim at the design center in Cincinnati along with realtor Larry Thinnes to discuss the type of house that we wanted to build. They listened, and Tim went right to work helping us design the home of our dreams.

Construction of our new home started in early November, and that's when we met our supervisor, Dave Schmidt. I want to tell you how comfortable Dave made us feel through the entire building process. Dave was a true professional. If we had a question or concern, he was willing to talk and correct any small issue, though we had very few. The whole process went just as we were told in the very beginning. I cannot tell you how pleased we were with Dave on-site.

Our whole building experience with Schmidt Builders was terrific from start to finish. We are willing to speak with any potential new clients and relay our pleasant experience with Schmidt Builders. We are very satisfied customers.

-- Bob and Deborah, Hamilton, OH

We started our home search looking for an older house, but ended up considering either building a home, or purchasing a new market home. We ended up buying a new market home from Schmidt Builders, and have been amazed at the level of professionalism from the Schmidt team. Our first follow-up went well, and we have no reason to expect anything less from them on the second follow-up. I would definitely recommend working with this team.

-- Blake and Brent, Liberty Twp., OH

We were completely satisfied with our Schmidt Builders experience. Our agent Kathy Kramer went above and beyond walking us through the process, and assisting us with selecting colors for our basement finish. Alan Schmidt, Jr. addressed all our concerns, and attended the home orientation. I have, and will continue, to recommend Schmidt Builders to all my friends looking to purchase a new home.

-- Doug and Kim, Liberty Twp., OH

The process of design, selection, and construction went far better than expected. This is our third home we have built, and by far the best experience. The Schmidt team literally went out of their way to ensure our finished home met our expectations. They paid good attention to details. The many upgrades we requested were priced reasonably. We highly recommend Schmidt Builders.

-- Bob and Susan, Liberty Twp., OH

We recently purchased a new home built by Schmidt Builders. We were relocating back to the Cincinnati area, and as we started shopping for our new home, focused strictly on Schmidt Builders as our potential builder.

Why did we focus on Schmidt Builders for our new home? We had already built two previous new homes with Schmidt Builders! We had been very pleased with the quality of the homes, and the service of the company after the sale. As we researched our current home, we discovered that Schmidt Builders had some new and exciting ranch style floor plans that absolutely fit our needs and lifestyle.

Exciting floor plans, excellent quality, and great service after the sale at an affordable price...what more can you want?

-- Johnny and Mary, Fairfield Twp., OH

We now live in our second Schmidt Builders home. Both are very well built homes.

-- Mark & Debbie, Liberty Twp., OH

This was the first new construction home that my husband and I have bought. As you can imagine, we had several questions. The day we did our home inspection, the guys from Schmidt Builders were so kind to walk through every detail of the house with us…from the windows, shower tiles, fireplace, and even the lawn. All of our questions were answered. They were extremely helpful, and were even able to give us further recommendations on things we wish to add after settling in.

-- Shawn and Katelin, Liberty Twp., OH

We had a good experience with Schmidt Builders. They had floor plans we liked, and models we could go through to see the different options available. Tim and Alan worked with us to customize the home of our dreams.

Our home was started in the winter, but the weather did not cooperate. We had very cold weather, snow, and rain during the building process. Even with all these obstacles, Schmidt Builders still made our completion date on time. Dave Schmidt, the supervisor, helped us through all our questions and concerns during the building process. Dave has continued to be very helpful since we moved in.

-- Mike and Linda, Hamilton, OH

We looked at so many houses before falling in love with our new Schmidt home. The craftsmanship and attention to detail were well above any other builder we saw. Everyone at Schmidt was so helpful and accommodating, we couldn't have asked for a better buying experience.

-- Jacie and James, Milford, Ohio

We looked at a lot of different houses and builders, and we always came back to Schmidt. There's just something about Schmidt that made them stand out above the competition.

-- Chris and Samantha, Liberty Twp., Ohio

I absolutely love my Schmidt house. I knew the moment I walked in that this was the house for me, so it was no surprise I made an offer on the spot! Now that I’m finally living in my home, I love it even more!

-- Courtney, Monroe, Ohio

This is the third home we have had built, and by far the easiest experience for us. Alan and Tim’s suggestions during floor plan design and selections were helpful, and we appreciated their input and advice. They were very quick to give updates and pricing for things we thought we might want to add to our home (and there were many). They were okay when we didn’t implement them.

Dave Schmidt was the foreman for building our home. He is a man with a great deal of integrity, and it was a pleasure to work with him in the field. He was open to changes that we wanted to make, and if something did not meet our needs, he would make changes so that it did. The steps into the basement were slightly off, and were difficult for my wife to use due to some health issues. Dave replaced the entire set of steps promptly after we moved in. He also went above and beyond normal builder service to get the final grading for our lot so we could achieve our vision. He readily comprehended what we wanted, and executed accordingly.

Alan Schmidt, Jr. visited the job site frequently which was impressive. We can’t say enough positive things about our experience with Schmidt Builders.

-- Peter & Terri, Hamilton, Ohio

We were going to build with another builder, but could not find land. We went to look at the Schmidt model near the house we owned, and we loved the finishes and the wooded lot. We immediately made an offer contingent upon selling our home. We made a change to the laundry room, and had cabinets installed. They did a wonderful job! We sold our house in a week and moved in! We are very happy with our new home. Everyone at Schmidt has been great to work with!

-- Brandon and Rhonda, Liberty Twp., Ohio

The moving process was great. The amenities that were provided were fantastic. The design of the house was amazing. We are very happy to call this our new home.

-- Corbin and Carrie, Amelia, Ohio

We discovered our future home while looking at other properties in the neighborhood. We weren't involved in the construction process - the house was complete by the time we found it - but the quality, furnishings, and color choices were just what we were seeking. The kitchen was stunning, and the master suite was among the best we toured. The hardwood floors were beautiful, as were the kitchen countertops.

It's obvious Schmidt Builders takes pride in its work. We were pleased to do business with a local, family-owned firm. We were impressed that the company president attended the walk-through, and our construction manager has been responsive and helpful when there have been questions.

We're really enjoying our new home. We made the right decision.

-- Allen and Amy, Miamisburg, Ohio

Although we didn't work with Schmidt Builders through the building process, we really liked our house when we found it near completion. We liked the open layout, and the attention to all of the details. Schmidt Builders has also been very good about addressing issues that come up in a timely manner.

-- Jennifer and Chris, Liberty Twp., Ohio

Our new home in Carriage Hill is the third house we have built in the last ten years, and our sixth move. Kathy Kramer is the utmost in a professional realtor and builder representative. Kathy and the Schmidt team are highly organized, transparent with the costs/budget, and they keep the project on-time. Our house was completed two weeks early, in fact.

Customers should appreciate and stick with the process Schmidt has developed to make home building an enjoyable process. We feel really good about the changes we made to the plans. The architect addressed the changes, and made sure that we understood the impact if those changes to the space, elevation, and cost of the home.

A very nice selection of finishes and some creative options helped us create a beautiful and slightly unique home. So far any issues we have are being handled.

We are very pleased, and look forward to enjoying our Schmidt home for many years to come.

-- Leigh and Bill, Liberty Twp., Ohio

We purchased a finished home before we saw it, so we cannot speak to the building process. We are new to Ohio, and do enjoy the home and the area. Our Schmidt home is beautiful and built well. We love the lot and the quiet neighborhood.

-- David and Teresa, Liberty Twp., Ohio

We actually were looking for a home, and came across one we absolutely loved. Unfortunately, it wasn't quite in our price range. We did find out the home was built by Schmidt. We contacted Schmidt Builders, met Jim Pitzer, and decided to build our dream home.

The process was easy, exciting, and we were able to get exactly what we wanted. Jim was awesome - friendly, approachable, and always willing to listen to our concerns and ideas. Our project manager Scott was so on the ball; we've never seen anyone keep a construction site so clean! Everyone at Schmidt was great. We would recommend them to anyone looking for a new, well-built home!

-- Megan and Adam, Monroe, Ohio

When it was time for us to downsize to a patio home, we were excited to look into building a new home in Venice Crossing in Ross, Ohio. We knew very little about Schmidt Builders at that time, but the more we researched, investigated, and spoke to other home builders, we soon realized they were a very professional business offering beautiful, high quality homes.

In addition, what we discovered throughout the planning and building process is that Schmidt Builders is a caring and compassionate company. When we had to put the project on hold for a while due to a serious illness, they were very accommodating. Once we were finally able to break ground, everything went very smoothly, and our home was finished ahead of schedule. We've been living in our new "dream" home for over six months, and could not be more satisfied.

-- Peggy and Dan, Ross, Ohio

Our new Schmidt home is our third house. We built our second one, so we have now been through the building process twice. We knew more the second time around when we worked with Schmidt. From the standpoint of conscientiousness, with Schmidt Builders it is over-the-top. We just did our 90 day walk-through, and it's phenomenal. They really do care about their product, and they want to make sure it's right.

Steve Alsip is on top of everything, and is very knowledgeable. He even fixed things before the walk-through. We are impressed by Alan Schmidt, Jr., who attended our walk-through with a supervisor, and spent two hours reviewing the work that had been done in our home.

We expect there to be some things that will eventually require attention. But our Schmidt home is exactly what we expected, and exactly what we wanted.

-- Scott and Cynthia, Monroe, Ohio

We were in need of a new home quickly due to the loss of our home by fire. We looked at a lot of homes around the city for 30 days, and found all homes to be very poor quality or poorly built. We finally happened to look at the patio homes by Schmidt Builders at Venice Crossing. They were shown by a great realtor, Larry Thinnes.

We could tell right away it was a first-class, quality built home. Within an hour, we knew it was what we needed. We met with Alan Schmidt, Jr. and knew we were dealing with caring people! We also needed the basement finished, which was completed quickly and was well supervised by Dave Schmidt, who was a great guy who responded quickly to your concerns.

Enough said. You cannot go wrong with Schmidt Builders!

-- Rod and Joyce, Okeana, Ohio

I honestly don't know where to begin. I'm not sure I can get it all contained in a couple lines. Through the years I've heard horror stories from people who have had a house built. I never thought about it much because we could not afford it then.

All of the people we worked with at Schmidt Builders were so kind and helpful, and they were eager to make this process go as smoothly and pleasantly as possible. That's exactly what they did for us first time builders!

Their workmanship is very high quality. They were not only respectful of our budget, but helped us stay within it. I would and do recommend Schmidt Builders to anyone considering building. They are a stand-out group of professionals. We considered it a blessing to have found them!

-- David and Denise, Hamilton, Ohio

Schmidt Builders built us the home of our dreams. Tim and Alan Schmidt, Jr. were able to turn our vision into reality as they customized the home plans to meet our family's needs. The design and selection processes were made simple by the design studio. Once we had made final selections, we were fortunate enough to work with Dave who saw to the execution of the building process. His many years of experience were very evident in all aspects. We would strongly recommend Schmidt Builders to anyone looking to build.

-- Joe and Sarah, Hamilton, Ohio

We originally were looking at another builder, but after meeting with Kathy Kramer and Tim from the office, we realized we could build a larger house with the same finishes for the same price.

We were pleasantly surprised to have Alan Schmidt, Jr. present at most of our meetings giving input on our house. We were very pleased with how everything turned out. Schmidt Builders even went above and beyond on some things.

We would highly recommend that anyone looking to build a new home take a look at Schmidt Builders.

-- Mike and Sandy, Liberty Twp., Ohio

We fell in love with our Schmidt home the moment we walked into the house. We were so impressed with all the decorative details, as well as the extra steps taken to ensure our home was energy efficient. We are very proud to be Schmidt homeowners!

-- Larry and Diana, Maineville, Ohio

Our home was a custom build on a lot we own. We found that Schmidt Builders was organized, and communicated well with us during the design and construction processes. Our home was built while we were living out-of-state.

Considering all the selections that had to be done, things went much more smoothly than we expected. We would highly recommend Schmidt Builders to anyone wanting to construct a well-built home.

-- Bob and Debbie, Morrow, Ohio

I've built a few homes over the years, and my best experience by far has been with Schmidt Builders. With any builder you choose, the sales process is always great, otherwise you'd look elsewhere. Most other builders fail in customer experience after the sale, especially the mass builders.  

Schmidt offers a superior experience as a result of how the company is run. It's large enough to handle any economic cycle without cutting corners, but small enough to provide a personalized experience. Great customer service comes from people. Treat people right, and they will do amazing things for you. Schmidt clearly does this, as their subcontractors and employees have been with them for years. High retention rates are the hallmark of a great organization.

In my case, all design modifications were responded to quickly, and with a willingness to work hard to fulfill my needs. Schmidt was reasonably priced for such changes, while I found that other builders charged exorbitant prices to make modifications, clearly reflecting their lack of desire to provide this service.

While there were a few mistakes made during construction, and a few after closing, Schmidt Builders was all over it. They were all resolved quickly, regardless of the expense. Their actions reflected their strategy to provide an outstanding customer experience. Response times were fantastic, and the owner didn't shy away from getting personally involved to ensure a good outcome. I would wholeheartedly build with Schmidt again.  

So many people were great to work with from the owner, Alan Schmidt, Jr., to the construction supervisor, Jim Kraml, to the real estate agent, Kathy Kramer, plus everyone who answered the phone at their office. They all went above and beyond.

-- Michael, Liberty Twp., Ohio

I worked for a local home builder for close to 15 years, so I consider myself experienced in this area. I purchased my home in February of this year. It was a market home, and construction had already been completed. From the beginning of the process, I was impressed with the quality of the home and the obvious attention to detail. No home is perfect, but the quality of work was excellent. I found that to be true for all the Schmidt homes I looked at in the neighborhoods I visited during my search.   

For me the biggest item that impressed me was the customer service. It was a very easy process. I wanted to make a couple of changes prior to moving in, and the information I needed was provided to me immediately. My walk-through was easy, not because I was familiar with the process, but because the job supervisor did such a great job of explaining items in my home. He even found things that I missed in all the excitement. I was focused on “pretty” while he was paying attention to the details for me.  

I think Schmidt does things not all local builders do. What meant the most to me, even more than the beautiful home I was purchasing, was the fact that Mr. Schmidt attended my walk-through. I initially wondered if his attendance was due to the fact that I worked for a local builder, but was purchasing from a competitor. I’ve since learned he attends as many home buyer walk-throughs as his schedule allows.   

I have had to contact the warranty department and WOW have they been great. The response to my emails and calls has been fantastic. If they say they will do something, they do it. Follow up has been wonderful. 
It has been a few months now, and I can say I would recommend Schmidt Builders to my family, friends and anyone looking for a new home. I love my home, and want to say THANK YOU to Mr. Schmidt for the attention he gives his homes and buyers. It is not a common thing in this industry. 

A home is a very large investment…maybe the biggest item you will ever purchase in your lifetime. People work hard for their money. I can assure you that your investment is in good hands when you choose Schmidt Builders to help you make your dream come true.

-- Sherry, Liberty Twp., Ohio

New to the Cincinnati area and looking for a new home, Schmidt Builders stood out to us as a quality builder. We have been very pleased with the home and the service Schmidt Builders has provided so far. We really like the fact that it's a family-owned business that has been around for many years, and that they have many long-term loyal employees. We would recommend Schmidt Builders to anyone moving to the Cincinnati area!

-- Loren and Kelly, Liberty Twp., Ohio

Working with Schmidt Builders was the easiest part of the home-buying process for me. The entire Schmidt Builders team quickly responded to any questions or concerns, and continues to make themselves available as I am settling into my new home.

One of my number one goals in purchasing a newly constructed home was owning one of quality. I had looked at another builder that constructed homes that were slightly larger and cheaper than mine, but at the end of the day, quality won out. I definitely feel in the end I got more for my money in the higher quality features of our home.

I would definitely recommend Schmidt Builders to anyone looking for a solid, high-end home.

-- Danielle, Mainville

While traveling in Florida, my wife and I visited some model homes to see what new, updated homes look like nowadays. Once home, we explored several model homes in the local area, and each time we asked if the builder would build one of our “must have” specifications. They either avoided giving us an answer, or the answer was “no.” 

Then, we walked into a Schmidt model home, and visited with the representative who called Kathy Kramer. Kathy called us within ten minutes, and had an answer for us within the next ten minutes! We can’t give Kathy enough praise for her professionalism while working through the Schmidt selection process.

We met with Alan Schmidt, Jr., Tim, and Kathy at their office, and sometimes on-site to go over details.  They were receptive to our plan changes, and were polite, courteous, and kind throughout the process. They rose up to the challenge when we approached them with ideas. 

We love our new home! 

-- Dallas and Bonnie, Liberty Twp.

During one of our visits to an open house in early October of 2016, an experienced realtor and I struck up a little bit of a conversation.
Now, I have owned a couple of homes over the years, and I can tell a quality home when I see it. The home he was showing us was definitely not one of them. I did not tell him what my opinion of the home was, but clearly the home showed evidence of cut corners. Details were sloppy…some were little…but still noticeable.
What struck me was when the realtor, who had been a realtor for over 30 years, pulled me off to the side saying (and I quote), “Hey, seriously, I’ve been doing this for a long time, and if you really want a home that is of high quality from a great builder, then I would go with a home built by Schmidt Builders. The quality and their service to new home buyers is the best!” 

Those were his words! You must understand the home he was showing us was not a home built by Schmidt. To me that says a lot.
Since I had not visited the housing market for close to 20 years, I have to admit I had not heard of Schmidt Builders. So I asked a friend of mine about the company. He had run a construction business locally in the Cincinnati area for over 15 years. 

He said the same thing. “You need to check them out. They’re pretty good.”
Well that did it for me. Over the next couple of months, we looked at several homes built by Schmidt. It was easy to see how meticulous they were. The little details were flawless, as were the trim around the base boards, the caulk around the bathroom floors, and many other small things. You could just tell that they really cared about the quality of their homes from the big things to the smallest of details.  
After we put our house on the market for 8 days, our realtor called us one night to tell us about the offer. Two days after we accepted the it, we met our listing agent James Pitzer of Schmidt Builders, and put down the earnest money on our new home. We knew exactly who we were going to work with.
During my home-buying process, James was fantastic. Any question was answered promptly, and he took the time to make sure answers were clear. He made sure throughout the process, as well as after our final closing, that we were happy with everything. 
During the walk-through the day before closing, we met Steve Alsap, Warranty Manager, and the one of the owners himself, Alan Schmidt, Jr. Both were very polite, professional, and thorough. You could just tell they took a lot of pride in their homes.
From start to finish, and even still today, Schmidt Builders is there for us. We have a 90 day punch list coming up in another month, and honestly my wife and I cannot find anything to even write down. Seriously!
If you are on this website looking through testimonials, then you are more than likely in the market for a new home. I am telling you, go with Schmidt. You will not find a builder any better!

-- Karl and Lisa, Fairfield Twp, Ohio

We wanted to downsize from our large two story home to a ranch, and had considered a market home but were not able to get the custom changes we wanted. Our realtor suggested we talk with Schmidt Builders.
They were very personable and receptive, and worked with us to make the changes that would meet our needs. Everything from home planning to the building process was professional, and exceeded our expectations. 

When one custom change was not correct, Alan Schmidt, Jr. himself came in to correct it within a couple of days. Our home was completed on schedule, and features quality workmanship. All the people we worked with at the company earned our respect and loyalty.

We will always recommend Schmidt Builders to our friends.

-- Michael and Carol, Fairfield Twp.

We were very impressed with everyone at Schmidt Builders, from the initial planning and design of our home, to the final details as the home was being completed. Kathy Kramer was very knowledgeable and helpful as both the sales agent, option consultant, and the go-to person as our home was being constructed.

Because we built in Clermont County, we worked with Dave Schmidt. Tim (the architect) and Dave were very accommodating of the changes we made to the design of our house which included a large whirlpool tub, vanity area in the master bath, and a closet area by the front door. Tim also incorporated my husband’s layout design of the basement which meant relocating the HVAC system, water heater, and wet bar/bathroom rough-ins. All this was done at minimal added expense.

As our home was built, Dave was very responsive to any concerns and questions we had. Any issues were promptly resolved. Dave is a very hands-on contractor. He was involved in every aspect of the construction, and was at the site almost every day. There was very little down-time during the construction process; subcontractors were there and on-time. My husband who is knowledgeable in construction, was very impressed with the quality of the work the subcontractors performed.

We are very happy in our new home, and thank Schmidt Builders for making the construction process a pleasurable experience. 

-- Marge and Rick, Milford, Ohio

We love the floor plan in our new Schmidt home. You can tell there was a lot of thought put into the design. The quality is excellent. Even though it was a market home that was mostly complete when we found it, we were still able to make some modifications. The process was easy, and there was quick turnaround with the changes. There was great attention to detail, and great customer service all along the way.

After we took possession, there were a few minor issues. Schmidt Builders responded immediately to resolve. We have gotten so many compliments on the home. We love it! Schmidt builders is top notch!

-- Karen and Keith, Fairfield Township, OH

The buying process from Schmidt went smoothly. We are in love with the home, and the finishes that were chosen. If we did need anything, everyone that we've met from Schmidt Builders was very kind and helpful. 

-- Grant & Alicia, Miamisburg, OH

This was my first experience in buying a home - better yet - a brand new home. I was downsizing to a ranch with a fenced in yard.  
When I first saw the house from the street, I felt "this was the one". When I walked through the door I knew for sure the house was the one I wanted to buy. Even though I was late getting the house (it was probably 90% done) it was beautiful with everything they had chosen.  
I loved working with Kathy Kramer and Dave Schmidt. I knew nothing about buying a house, but they made me feel comfortable. They were very accommodating in the changes I made. Dave was always quick to fix any problems that came up, and was very professional.  
I love my new home the way it was designed, and so do my two dogs. I’m impressed with the quality of the products they have used. I had never heard of Schmidt Builders until I found this home. Being able to deal with Kathy and Dave personally made my experience enjoyable and I would recommend them to anyone that is looking for a house.

-- Karen, Milford, OH

“We stopped by a Schmidt Yorktown model home in the Lanes Landing subdivision. We really liked it, but wanted a larger lot, so we decided to have it built. The ability to customize mattered to us. For example, we wanted several archways added to the floor plan. Schmidt was able to incorporate them – and make them look great. From start to finish, the whole process went very smoothly, and the house was completed by the date promised. We would highly recommend Schmidt to anyone wanting to build a home. They are very professional and do good quality work. Overall, they were a pleasure to work with. We love our new home and are very satisfied!”

-- Matthew and Keeanna

“We recently decided to downsize and build our 6th and final home. From our past experiences, we realized that home building is a serious undertaking and requires the right connection between the builder and homeowner. We considered value, the builder’s willingness and ability to customize and accommodate our requirements, ability to visit the property while under construction, on-site production supervision, and overall friendliness. In all categories, Schmidt Builders was at the top of our list. We were confident of our choice soon after leaving our first meeting with Alan Schmidt, Jr., and his team.  “The ability to customize at a reasonable price was at the top of our list. We wanted to eliminate the powder room and make an oversized laundry room and work area for my wife. Additionally, we wanted access to the master closet from the laundry room. Schmidt Builders designed this room perfectly, including installation of cable and electricity so my wife would have her TV in proximity of her work stations. Also, we requested additional kitchen cabinets. Schmidt translated our concept into a kitchen that was far better than we had hoped! Not only that, the entire process (custom design, contract signing, construction, and aftermarket) was earmarked with outstanding customer service. For example, we wanted a cultured marble shower in the master bath and requested a specific provider of this product. It would have been easy for Mr. Schmidt to use his own supplier, but he went out of his way to work with the supplier we wanted. When our supplier fell short on delivery, Mr. Schmidt not only became personally involved, but he paid a premium to expedite delivery. “Overall, a great experience! We might even say this one was fun!”

-- Richard and Suzane

“We hadn’t heard of Schmidt before, but we toured one of their model homes and were immediately impressed with the overall design. It was going to be the first home we ever built, and we wanted to do it right. We had definite ideas on the layout, and Schmidt had what we were looking for. Also, we were able to customize. For example, we wanted a big bathroom, with a large shower instead of a large tub. And we wanted separate vanities. Not only did they help us make 
modifications, the sales team was able to make personalized recommendations for us, based on their experience. We never felt like we were being sold: instead, we felt like Alan Schmidt, Jr. – and everyone on his team – was looking out for us, and wanted to partner with us to build a house. Even after we were moved in, someone from Schmidt came to check in. Any little thing that wasn’t right, they were able to fix right away. We’ve always heard that delays and budget overruns are inevitable when you build a home. But we had neither. Everything that Schmidt promised, they did. We feel like we got to build our dream home with someone who cared about us. We highly recommend Schmidt Builders to anyone who is looking to build a new house.”

-- Mekhine and Denise

"We had walked through Schmidt's model home in Carriage Hill and were impressed with the quality of the work. But the floorplan, frankly, was not to our tastes. Star One agent Kathy Kramer was quick to point out that Schmidt could customize any floorplan. A few days later, we met Tim and Alan, Jr. at their design center, and that is where our vision and plan came to life. We took what was a very standard floorplan and made it incredible. The design process was easy, flawless, and met every one of my and my wife's stringent criteria. I felt like they heard me and were able to design a home that was perfect for my family's rhythm. "Also, we needed someone who had built many homes to give us honest opinions and feedback. They provided feedback in a manner that was helpful without being condescending or "wishy-washy." Schmidt has some standard items that are installed in every home - crown molding, wainscoting, standard appliances, standard lighting - that other builders would consider upgrades. It's the little things that mattered to us and Schmidt was extremely deliberate and their own biggest critic during the building process. "We intend to live in our Schmidt home for a very long time. However, when we decide to downsize, our plan will be to call Alan and build our next home with Schmidt. In my opinion, this is the biggest moment of truth for any builder. "
-- John & Jackie, Liberty Township, OH

"A good friend had told us that when it came to quality, Schmidt was the best. 'You can't go wrong with Schmidt,' he said. So we knew that Schmidt homes were solid and high quality. But I admit, when I first walked through their home in Carriage Hill, I was surprised that Schmidt was the builder. I was only familiar with some of their traditional product lines. I had an idea of what caliber of homes they built, but didn't realize the level of customization they did, or that they were in upscale neighborhoods like Carriage Hill. It was one of the best surprises we could have had that day, because the home was literally everything we loved. We wanted a very open floorplan, and it fit the bill in every way. So, not only did it have the look and feel and function we wanted, it had the famous Schmidt quality behind it. It only took about 10 minutes to decide that we wanted to buy the home. We closed three weeks later, right on time, just as Alan Schmidt, Jr. promised. We love the neighborhood and we love the house: it's truly everything we wanted."
-- Mark & Terri, Liberty Township, OH

"This is our third Schmidt home, and the second one built from scratch. Schmidt Builders has always done a fantastic job of making us feel like we were a part of the journey, rather than someone at the end of a finish line. Working with Schmidt again felt like working with old friends again. The quality of their work is what drew my attention when we first looked at their homes: from the clean lines on the molding, to the corners and edging, they pay attention to detail. They have a large selection of material, but not enough to be too overwhelming. We were also able to sit down with their architect team and share our requirements, work through some ideas, and agree on a final design. They always took the time to work with us and I knew they truly wanted us to love our home. Given the number of moves and homes we built with them, Schmidt always delivered on time and treated us with care and respect. I would encourage anyone who has an opportunity to build with Schmidt to do so. I have heard lots of stories from all of my neighbors over the years about their problems with their builders, and I think to myself, Should have gone with a Schmidt!"
-- Jason and Allison

"After inspecting several Schmidt homes, interviewing recent customers, and meeting with Alan Schmidt and Tim Mann, we selected Schmidt Builders based on their quality, professionalism, creativity, and genuine interest in creating an end product we could all be proud of. They worked closely with us to refine and adapt our design. We had a very specific vision, which required that we go outside the standard selection to find the architectural elements we were looking for. Schmidt worked very closely with us (and their vendors) to make sure we had access to a broad range of interior and exterior components that met our needs and made our home feel like it was uniquely ours. Schmidt Builders says what they intend to do, and they deliver on their commitments. Surprises were minimal, disappointments were few, and the end results are exactly what we were looking for. We would not hesitate to work with Alan and his team again: that is the highest endorsement and recommendation we can give!"
-- Jack

"My wife and I never thought that we would build our own house. Everyone had always made it sound like a tough, stressful process. But after seeing the quality construction and the finishing touches that were standard in the Schmidt homes, we quickly changed our minds. The building process from start to finish was easy for us. Alan Schmidt and the entire staff kept us informed, showed concern for us as peoplenot just buyersand produced a high quality product. It truly felt like they knew us, and that we were more than just another sale to them. A quick story to illustrate what I mean: one Sunday, Amy and I were down at a Bengals game, when Alan Schmidt, Jr. spotted us. He came over to us and checked to see how we were doing and told us the schedule for our house for that upcoming week (our house was about halfway complete at this time). Not only did he pick us out of 60,000 people (even though he had only met us a few times), he came up to us and told us specifically about our house. It was neat for us to see that the president of the company was so closely involved. I feel pretty confident that is not something I would have gotten from another builder. I cannot say enough positive things about our experience with Schmidt Builders! They took us through step by step, gave us information when we asked, and ultimately produced a higher quality product than we could have asked forat the right price and customized how we wanted it. Now when we think back to when we were getting ready to sell our house last year, we cannot imagine not building our house with Schmidt. "
-- Kevin and Amy

"We customized the shower, as well as all of the hallways, stairs to the basement and other access points. (We had had a recent experience with a parent requiring wheel chair and walker access, and we can see the potential of needing it ourselves.) But again, there was no push backjust a can do attitude. Within a few days we had drawings to review. We know that affected door size, windows, and many other features, but the Schmidt team just smiled and did it. There were certainly costs to some of the things we asked for, but they were never outrageous and never used as leverage to get us to stick to the baseline plan. No home build goes without issues, but I have never witnessed a better team than the Schmidt team. The vast majority of work was done right the first time. If not, it was fixed, quickly and correctly. Our house was finished a week early, despite starting in the worst winter in decades. We moved in and were at home immediately. If we have a problem now, the Schmidt team is there for us. It has been a great experience! "
-- Leigh and Kathy

"Laura and I were originally working with another prominent builder in the area. But when it seemed they would not be able to deliver on their promises within the cost budgeted, we started looking again, and discovered Schmidt. The ability to customize was a deal breaker for us. We were able to take a base plan ("The Lakeland") and configure and customize the floor plan to fit exactly what we wanted. Overall, Alan and his team were very helpful. It was our first time building a house, and we had some ideas about things we thought would be neat. The team helped us visualize and make informed decisions. Looking back on these conversations, I am glad we listened to the Schmidt team. I travel quite a bit for work, and wasn't always able to be there to check on the house. But Alan was there, and he frequently walked through to ensure things were being done per our specs. In fact, Alan was the first to notice that the fireplace was different then we specked out. As we discussed the mistake (and had a chance to see it), Laura and I actually decided to keep the fireplace the way it was, as we felt that it was much more functional. Then, after we moved in, we had a few things that needed to be fixed. While some builders get to you when they can, Schmidt has always answered on the first call and taken care of the problem the same day. Many of our neighbors have told us their nightmare stories with other builders. My simple response is always that we are 110 percent satisfied and the process with Schmidt was enjoyable."
-- Anthony and Laura

"We looked at various market homes. But again and again, we compared the quality of Schmidt's work to the other builders' homes we saw, and we were convinced to go with Schmidt. The Schmidt staff was so helpful and responsive to all our questions. They made us feel very comfortable in every stage of the building process always explaining the details and what the next step in the process would be. And to top it all off: we were very happily surprised that we were able to close on our home earlier than expected. Overall, we love our home! From the exterior to the interior, it is so well made. You can just tell it is a Schmidt home compared to any other home in the neighborhood. We had a wonderful experience and would only build again with Schmidt!"
-- Mike and Anna

"We were relocating from the DC area, and wanted to live in the Carriage Hill development. Schmidt was one of the builders, and had a spec home under construction available. Although we've built several homes across the country, Schmidt is the first builder we felt was actually looking out for our interests and wanting to do the right thing. For example, they swapped out existing light fixtures and door hardware to a different finish at no cost. Even though the home was already under construction, they allowed us to make changes throughout the process. They even pushed up the completion date for us, to better accommodate our existing home sale and move schedule. It also helps that they have one of the best realtors in town. Kathy Kramer was incredible, and was able to move as fast as anyone in the business. We went to contract within two days of seeing the home for the first time, including pricing of a full basement build-out and several modifications. We would recommend Schmidt to anyone!"
-- Brian and Kelly

I wasn’t looking for a new home, but I saw a Schmidt house and fell in love with it. Though I did not work with Schmidt throughout the building process since the home was completed when I purchased it, I wasn’t treated any differently. Dave Schmidt went above and beyond to make sure I felt valued and appreciated as a buyer. He has responded promptly to my questions and concerns. I have heard all the horror stories of working with builders, but I am happy and relieved to have a home with a company I can trust.

-- Erin, Maineville, Ohio

We bought one of Schmidt Builder’s market homes. We were blown away with the craftsmanship and layout of the home. From the very first transaction with the realtor, it was a very smooth process. When we did need help fixing something, the builder’s crew was there within a few days. We realized after visiting a friend’s new home that we lucked out with Schmidt. Our house doesn’t have a “to do” list. We love the little details and how well made our home is. We have lived in the home for three months, and are still very happy with our decision.

-- Christopher and Lauren, Liberty Township, Ohio

Our experience with Schmidt Builders was truly pleasurable. We found the process to be very orderly and professional from beginning to end. When a need arose, we always knew who to deal with, and how to contact them. The entire house was completed while we were in Florida. Our home shows excellent workmanship with attention to detail, and was turned over to us in immaculate condition. Most important of all, we had minimal callbacks. Issues that did require attention were dealt with immediately.

-- Sandy and Nancy, Fairfield Township, Ohio

My wife and I had been discussing the possibility of relocating to a house from a condominium. Our plan was to do so “at some point in the future”. That was before I saw our Schmidt Builders home on the internet. I immediately was drawn to the unique interior floor plan. It was definitely not a cookie-cutter design.
We both initially liked the look of the house, but since moving in have learned to appreciate the quality of the construction. One immediate thing we have both noticed is the stability of the environmental controls. The HVAC system is rock steady, and maintains temperature throughout the house smoothly and consistently. We have also noticed no construction-related issues. We are approaching our six month quality assurance review, and have both agreed that it’s going to be a very short meeting.
The service provided by Schmidt Builders is also worth noting. They were extremely accommodating when it came to making our home move-in ready. From installing handrails on garage steps to ordering additional shelving for kitchen cabinets, their efforts to provide service throughout the buying process was exemplary. We are very pleased with our new home, and look forward to many happy years here.

-- Duane & Claudia, Liberty Township, Ohio

We weren't really looking to buy or build a house when we "started looking". But we started to become pretty serious about putting our house on the market in October, and began really doing our homework! We knew what we wanted…we just didn't know if that would come in an existing home, or if we would need to build. We had a hard time combining our wants and needs into a home with a perfect lot/location.
We priced out homes with three other builders in Liberty Township. The combination of perfect house and perfect lot was not available, so we started looking at new construction. We found a Schmidt home that we loved in Carriage Hill, however, the lot wasn't right for us. This prompted us to ask the realtor if we could build the same house on our own lot if we found one. She arranged for us to speak with the folks at Schmidt Builders.
Several of our good friends have Schmidt homes, and had nothing but positive comments to say. The realtor got back with us, and within a week we were in the Schmidt Design Center with Kathy Kramer and Alan Schmidt, Jr. They discussed with us the entire building process and went over numbers. Needless to say, we were ready to sign on the dotted line!
We were far more involved with building our house than we expected! It was wonderful to have Kathy with us throughout the entire process. I know she is a busy woman, but she never made us feel like we weren't her only client. She will never admit it, but I know that I drove her crazy with my changes.
The entire Schmidt Family made our building process a piece of cake! They wanted our house to look as perfect as we wanted our house to look. We couldn't be happier. We even purchased a couple of items on our own, and they installed them for us (ie: farmhouse sink and chandelier for princess room). We also extended a few areas, and added a doggie shower without any issues.
We knew going in to this that we were very picky, and had high standards. Schmidt Builders exceeded our expectations for a builder. We loved the personal attention that we received! We would build again with Schmidt Builders tomorrow if we hadn’t already built our perfect home.

-- Dionni and David, Liberty Township, Ohio

Having taken possession of our house in June, we are finally settled in and are enjoying a good, quality home. Throughout the building process, we experienced a company that did a great job listening to our desires. Schmidt Builders ultimately created a floor plan that worked for us, and we never felt they cut corners.
Dave was great to work with throughout the project, and the team performed efficiently to get the house done. It was clear the people at Schmidt took a lot of pride in their work. We would highly recommend Schmidt Builders, and would definitely build with them again.

-- Scott and Kimberly, Lebanon, Ohio

We purchased a spec home from Schmidt Builders in April of 2016. The customer service has been outstanding. Their response time for addressing any issue is great. Alan Schmidt, Jr. and his staff did a thorough job with our walk-through. They explained relevant issues in detail, and made sure my wife and I were comfortable with the process.
We would highly recommend Schmidt Builders to anyone.

-- Richard and Jaleria, Liberty Township, Ohio

In our extensive house search to relocate from Houston, Texas to Ohio, we stumbled upon Carriage Hill in Liberty Township. We fell in love with the neighborhood, but did not have the time to build a new home. Fortunately, we found a market home available from Schmidt Builders.
After meeting with Alan, Jr., we felt completely confident in the ability of Schmidt Builders to make the changes in the home that would make it ours, while still meeting our short timeframe.
Schmidt was very easy to work with, and we appreciated Alan's honesty. He was the reason we chose Schmidt for our new home. It turned out beautifully, and we even inspired Alan to include one of our additions to his own home.
We would not hesitate to work with Schmidt again if the need arose for us to move.

-- Bill and Jo-Anne, Liberty Township, Ohio

Schmidt Builders was a pleasure to work with all through the building process. I was able to choose    everything, and Kathy Kramer was such a help to me. This was all during a difficult time in my life, and she was so helpful and accommodating.
The people at Schmidt Builders were very dependable in terms of timing on all of the work through the building process. There were no delays, and closing was on time. Since I have moved into my new home, their response has been almost immediate no matter what I call them about. Dave Schmidt has been so helpful to me, and I will always be grateful to him.
I can't say enough good things about Schmidt Builders. They build a quality home, and I would recommend them highly!

 -- Patricia, Milford, Ohio
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